Saturday, October 13, 2012

Food Review: I-Steak @ Serangoon Gardens

This shop is now at the same location as where Astons used to be at. Their logo and design and menu system is somewhat similar but I have to say they are good as well.

I have eaten here a few times and it is yummy. So thought of reviewing this meal just for fun.

I had the black pepper chicken chop with coleslaw and macaroni and cheese. I also ordered the mushroom soup as well as a plate of calamari. This chicken chop is quite standard. Juicy and succulent. Coleslaw was tasty as well. Macaroni and cheese was quite heavenly. My girlfriend loves it. The mushroom soup was good but a little too watery to my liking. I would prefer a thicker soup. And lastly, the calamari, they were the worst I have tried. The squid was not fresh, it was hard and the batter was horrible. The calamari was very oily as well. Only hated the calamari on the whole.

So for a simple and affordable meal, I-Steak is nice as well. :)



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